"The only constant in life is change. In accepting them consciously I can grow as a person." 'Constantly Changing' is the title of the upcoming Suzy Va album. Her unique sound refuses to be categorized. She combines the acoustic singer-songwriter style of her debut album 'suzy bartelt' with the different sounds and rhythms she discovers along the road and takes them with her. Compared to her first album the second one contains more rock music. Suzy Va's love for complex arrangements and vocal polyphony is clearly noticeable.

"First I sang and then I spoke." Suzy Va's roots go back to making music with her old grandpa in the living room. Together they sang folk tunes, accompanied by his accordion. Today she is interweaving this early memory with colourful sounds from Arabic music, rock, pop and jazz. At the same time you can hear influences of musical role models and strong women in her songs like Tori Amos, Paula Cole and Ani DiFranco. She loves music that challenges and surprises her, music which is exiting and unpredictable. "Life is full of contradictions. There is no black and white." Strong and multifaceted songs emerge, music which snags your attention and invites your full immersion.

In 2018 Suzy Va won first prize at „Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis“ in the category „Jazz-Rock-Song“ with „The Day“. A song that tells of escape and arrival in a new life, inspired by some impressive encounters with displaced people and the story of the flight of her own grandparents.
In autumn 2018 a crowdfunding-community grew which supports successfully the coming Suzy Va album and makes the release in 2019 possible. 'Constantly Changing' - Stories about change and hope. The new name says it all: Suzy moves, Suzy grows... Suzy Va.

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